Starting Small

About Yoko Furukawa (a.k.a. 古川容子 )

Science Director at US Office of Naval Research Global in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Award-winning science and technology (S&T) professional • Develop and execute S&T innovation and partnership-building strategies • Trusted and influential leader, team member, and partner in global S&T communities • Discover, attract, engage with, and develop collaborative relationships with the world’s best scientists and innovators to advance fundamental scientific knowledge • Build enduring, trusted coalitions with senior executives, top innovators, peers, subordinates, and stakeholders globally from all sectors • Thrive in solving open-ended, poorly-defined, or rapidly evolving problems under complex circumstances • Lead a diverse team through strong reliance on mutual respect, fairness, and principled scientific integrity • Analyze and communicate multifaceted information accurately, clearly, and diplomatically through oral briefings and written reports • Facilitate multi-stakeholder and multi-sector S&T initiatives • Passion for science driven by curiosity for the Earth’s natural history

Professional Interests: Artificial Intelligence; Ocean Sciences.

Personal Interests: Theater, travel, food

You can find me on: LinkedIn and Google Scholar.

Also known as 古川容子 (フルカワ ヨウコ) .

(Updated: 14 January 2021)


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